Howdy, y’all!

You probably never believed this day would come, but we are introducing NEW FORUMS. We have opened them up for Varsity subscribers only as a beta test. What’s that mean? It’s basically a pre-release. We want to test this thing like crazy to make sure it works correctly before releasing it to everyone around the beginning of football season (hopefully before). So if you come across anything strange happening, like pages not loading correctly, errors, different elements out of place, etc, please let us know by posting on our Testing Forum, which is a dedicated forum for this Beta. Feel free to post anything you want in there related to the new forums.

There are a lot of changes and new features, and I’ve written a (much) longer post explaining each one and the thought process behind them. So if you’d like to read that, click here. If you’d rather just jump right in, that’s great too.

Here’s what we’d like from you:
  1. Try and use this for a few days before giving overall feedback. We’d like to know any bugs you find immediately, but some of you have been using the same forum for 10+ years, so it will obviously take time to get used to something new.
  2. Use the Blue Stars. If you like a post, star it. We would love to see that used as much as possible to help our POTD Nominee box and POTD page stay populated and useful.
  3. Use the Reply and Quote Reply buttons within the threads. We want to make sure that’s all working.
A few disclaimers…
  1. This is not the final product. We have several new features and pieces that
  2. will be added shortly, but the main functionality is in place and is ready to be tested.
  3. The watch list does not work across both the new and old forums. That will be fixed eventually, obviously.
  4. The beta site has not yet been optimized to work on tablets or mobile phones.
Thanks everyone. This is a labor of love for us, and we’re excited to share it with you. We really hope you enjoy the new features, and hope we can continue to improve this site alongside you.

Gig ‘em,
Stewart (and Josh and Brandon and Landon)